Sump Pump Service

No, it doesn’t rain often in the Los Angeles area. And no, Los Angeles is not, technically, a desert. But it is dry for most of year, and when the rain storms come, the arid soil can’t soak up the water fast enough, which can lead to flooding.

One way to combat flooding in your basement or crawl space is with a sump pump. A sump pump, whether the¬†pedestal or submersible variety, is installed beneath your basement or crawl space and, when working properly, sucks up and redistributes groundwater so it can’t seep into cracks and flood your property.

The worst time to learn your sump pump needs repair or replacement is in the middle of a good Los Angeles rain storm. So before our rainy season arrives, call Superheroes Plumbing & Rooter. Our expert plumbers will inspect and test your sump pump, checking for clogs and other issues that might prevent it from doing its heroic job. Or if your home doesn’t have a sump pump, we can inspect your property to make recommendations on the right size and location to install one.

Superheroes Plumbing & Rooter is available 24/7 with a fast and comprehensive response to your plumbing emergencies. Same-day service available to Burbank, Glendale and the greater Los Angeles area.

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