Copper & PEX Repipe

Plagued by pipe leaks? Enraged by rusty water? Beleaguered by low water pressure? Well, in addition to amazing alliteration and mastery of the thesaurus, Superheroes Plumbing & Rooter offers full-service pipe replacement, from inspection and installation to testing and restoration.

Over time, old pipes can corrode, causing leaks and poor water quality or become clogged by mineral deposits. In addition, if your property was built over 30 years ago, there’s a chance you may have lead pipes. Regardless, a thorough inspection by our certified plumbers can determine if any problems with your pipes can be repaired or if you should consider a full repipe.

You have multiple options if you decide it’s time to replace your plumbing pipes. Copper pipes are light yet durable, naturally resist corrosion and are considered environmentally friendly. PEX pipes, made from a form of plastic, are typically less expensive than copper, more flexible and can be easier to install. In either case, repiping can resolve numerous plumbing issues and even add value to your property.

Superheroes Plumbing & Rooter is available 24/7 with a fast and comprehensive response to your plumbing emergencies. Same-day service available to Burbank, Glendale and the greater Los Angeles area.

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